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End Perfectionism Now eBook will help you:


  • Understand why being a perfectionist can be detrimental to your mental health and personal growth
  • Know the signs of being a perfectionist
  • Find a healthy balance and weed out perfectionism in your life
  • Discover strategies on how to manage perfectionism



This 17 page eBook is for you if you:


  • Are sick and tired of feeling every single small bump in the road
  • Procrastinate on starting (or completing) projects because you fear failure?
  • Set impossibly high standards and beat yourself up when they aren’t reached?
  • Feel like you need to hide your mistakes and vulnerabilities from your partner, friends, or family
  • Get anxious about making mistakes or being exposed as less than perfect
  • Find it difficult to achieve your goals because of the self-critical voice in your head telling you any action you take is subpar and a terrible disappointment
  • Interpret any difficulty as a sign that you aren’t good enough.
  • Feel like you’re limiting yourself because you feel discomfort trying new, unfamiliar activities, and therefore restrict your activity to just a few familiar hobbies


So what are you waiting for?! Let's End Perfectionism Now. 

End Perfectionism Now eBook

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